MEET THE WORLDS BEST FEMALE SURFERS.... 17 Women - 17 Personalities - 17 Dreams

Who are the world's best female surfers?

Well to begin with it will probably be the 17 women who are competing on the ASP Women's World Tour, at least when it comes to the best competing female surfers.

Below you will find the names on each of the women who are competing in the 2009 ASP womens World Tour and if you click on any name you will get the profile of each of the surfers.

The 17 Best women surfers in the world at the moment are:

Stephanie Gilmore, AUS

Silvana Lima, BRA

Sofia Mulanovich, PER

Layne Beachley, AUS

Amee Donohoe, AUS

Samantha Cornish, AUS

Melanie Bartels, HAW

Rebecca Woods, AUS

Jessi Miley-Dyer, AUS

Jacqueline Silva, BRA

Chelsea Hedges, AUS

Sally Fitzgibbons , AUS

Rosanne Hodge, ZAF

Bruna Schmitz , BRA

Paige Hareb , NZL

Alana Blanchard, HAW

Coco Ho, HAW

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