The Ocean - Riptides, Ocean currents, Rip currents and Tide charts

The ocean calls surfers like a Siren song. The mere hint of salt air will set the mind of a surfer to pondering thoughts of their next session and past epic rides.

But the sea has power and force that must be recognized and respected. The immense power that is behind the waves that we crave to ride must be taken seriously. From the time we are small and first dipping tentative toes into the water we develop an affinity for the call that the sea sends us.

Some important things to know before you start surfing or especially if you are already surfing is about the following subjects:

- Ocean currents

- Rip currents / Rip tide

- Tide charts

Respect is foremost. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Mother Nature is no different. The sea is not to be tamed or dominated. It is to be treated with a reverence that is its due. We are merely the guests of a hospitable and generally indulgent host. We need to express an oneness with the sea and to flow with the power that nature exhibits in our favorite environment.

Just as the uninitiated will pollute the place we consider most sacred, so will people that have no respect for the awesome power behind every wave pollute the attitude of those around them. Ignore any surfer that believes they can dominate the sea. The sea always has won and always will. Our destiny is to offer our reverence and partake of the joy that the sea offers.

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