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Surf gear! Surfing, like every other sport, has a certain amount of equipment you need to get started. The first thing you think about when you want to buy surfing gear is, of course, a surfboard . When you are just getting started you may want to rent surf gear before you buy. Unless you have a bevy of friends that are willing to loan you surfboards until you find exactly what fits you it could save you hundreds on a board that turns out not to be suited for you.

Try out different shapes, different sizes and different setups on the fins. When you find the board that feels right and works for your body size and your technique then throw down the cash.

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There are really not many differences at all between women’s surf gear and men’s, except when it comes to zipping up in a wetsuit . Depending on where you live you will need at least one and probably two for year round surf. Wetsuits come in a wide variety of thicknesses that suit every water temperature from Caribbean to Antarctic.

So, you’ve got your wetsuit, your board and you are headed down to your local beach, ready to strap your surf leash around your ankle and head out. Your board is all set with fresh wax and surf music is blasting on your car speakers. You’ve got cold weather covered.

If you’re lucky enough to live where the water is warm enough in the summer you can leave even the spring suit at home when June and July roll around. All you need is your bikini, sunscreen and a rash guard. Surf clothing is usually cute and fun in addition to being practical and the rash guards you’ve seen in so many surf videos and dvds is one of the most practical pieces. Unless you like wax on your bikini.

A surf helmet is a very good investment both for beginners and also advanced surfers if surfing on shallow reef breaks.

One of the great things about surfing is that there are beaches everywhere in the world in some of the most spectacularly beautiful places where you get to surf. When the travel bug infects the surfer, it’s time to pack up the surf travel gear, hop on a plane or four, a water taxi, a moped with three people and end up on a beach with only 20 other people.

The kind of beach you read about in surf books and magazines. With incredible waves that you only share with a few people, water that is pristine and dinner caught from the ocean that day.

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