Samantha Cornish - The Competitor

Name: Samantha Cornish

D.0.B.: October 27th, 1980

Lives: Byron Bay

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Aloha Surfboards

Board Specs: 5'6, 5'8, 6'2

Favorite Breaks: Cresent Head, Honolua Bay Maui

It comes as no surprise that Samantha Cornish has grown up to be one of the best female surfers on the planet. Coming from a solid surfing background, she was encouraged by her brother to start surfing and at the age of four Sam took to the ocean with a vengeance.

Her farther Peter Cornish, who is well respected within the surfing community as an outstanding surfer and shaper, was all to happy to encourage and teach his young grommet the ways of the ocean. The addiction was there from an early age and it was evident from the start of her competitive career that she was going to be a world-beater.

Sam was so determined to become one of the best and as an amateur she often competed against the guys, and well above her age group, to get harder competition. She excelled at State and National competitions and more often then not took home the winners trophy. At the age of 15 she entered the under 19's division of the regional titles granting her the chance to qualify to compete in the World Grommet Titles.

Not only was Sam now eligible to compete, but she also went on to win the title at age 16. These achievements also contributed to her receiving the Young Australian of the Year Award in 1997. With these credentials and a ton of experience under her belt it was time to take on the World Qualifying Series.

Samantha Cornish felt that her education was important and she made the decision to finish her Higher School Certificate before persuing her surfing career. With this locked in the bag it was time to chase the dream. In 2000 Sam competed selectively on the WQS and narrowly missed qualification for the 2001 WCT.

2001 saw solid WQS performances in France, America, Australia and Hawaii, which saw her solidify her position among the worlds best on the 2002 WCT. Since then the star has continued to rise with Sam taking out titles on both tours. It's now a question of when she will be crowned World Champion.

Sam's strong personality is complimented by her sense of humor and kindness. She is one of the most light hearted and friendly people you could ever hope to meet. It’s these qualities, as well as her ability to tear apart any wave, that will see her fulfill her goals. Aloha is pumped to have Sam on the team and we know it won’t be too long before we throw her a World Title Party. Samantha at

TALENT: Feisty, spirited and practically born surfing. Sam is the competitive package; "whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve."

LIFE: live in the moment and breath it!

SURF QUOTE "When i think of the ASP Womens Dream Tour and lifestyle, I constantly remind myself of how incredible it is to be one of the select surfers who get to compete against the best surfers in the best waves around the world!"

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