Surfing Conditions and different Surf break types

As a beginner, checking surfing conditions is a bit different than it is for experienced surfers. A healthy dose of realism is essential to your evaluation of the conditions.

Driving around your local beaches looking for the perfect conditions means asking yourself if the conditions are right for your current abilities. The more experienced you are, the rougher the surfing conditions in which you will be safe. If you are surfing with people who have a vast deal more experience than you, conditions that may be perfect for them could be hazardous to you.

Never surf in conditions that your instincts immediately tell you are wrong. If surfers with years in the water are out there, good for them. But if you know it’s too big or the currents are too strong do not put yourself in harm’s way. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to get pulled to safety because the conditions were too much for you.

Danger signs include the following:

A good percentage of the surfers look like they are having difficulty paddling out.

Waves that are much more than waist high. Bigger is better when you have more skills.

Everyone in the water is consistently working to remain in the same place. This indicates a very strong current.

More than one person on every wave. This means that this is an aggressive crowd, not a good place for any beginner, especially female.

Perfect conditions and nobody in the water?!? What, you say! Either this is the day you need to go buy a lottery ticket or there has been a shark sighting. ASK.

You will also find different surf break types depending on where you live. Some of these are more suited for beginners and some are more suited for experienced surfers.

Different Surf break types (Click on each link for further information)

Beach Breaks

Point Breaks

River Mouths

Reef Breaks

One benefit of being a beginner is that what works for you is not what works for the veterans. You need slower moving, smaller waves as you develop your skills so it is easier for you to find uncrowded conditions that will work. Always rely on your instincts and a realistic evaluation of your skill and you will have a great time in the water.

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