Sally Fitzgibbons - The Athlete

Name: Sally Fitzgibbons

Date of Birth: Dec 19, 1990

Height: 5'6"

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: ROXY, DHD, FCS, Enties shoes, Smith optics, Gorilla Grip, Sexwax

Current Residence: Gerroa on NSW’s South Coast


Roxy’s 17 year old Sally Fitzgibbons, from a town on the South Coast of Australia, has been creating a huge stir in the surf industry since early 2005. Most recently is her accomplishment is qualifying for the 2009 ASP World Circuit Tour. Sally is the fastest MAN or woman to qualify for the ASP World Circuit Tour. She has dominated the 2008 ASP World Qualifying Series and in June, she secured this prestigious standing.

Although this feat is AMAZING, it comes as no surprise as this seems to be a reoccurring standard for her. She also is the youngest surfer ever to win an ASP Pro-junior final at just 14, she also won the Under 18 and Under 16 divisions plus finish second in the World Qualifying Series division all on the same day, in her first ever event at that level!

Remarkable? That's an understatement to say the least. "I was stoked, it was a really good contest to start the year off," says Sally, almost dismissively, as if she has to think hard to remember her stunning competitive debut. "I just had no expectations; I went out there and was having fun."

There's a zen-like simplicity about such an approach, but clearly it's a winning formula. She's not only a whiz in the water, she's an all-around athlete! Sally's impressive sporting portfolio includes State cross country athletics titles, second-placing's at national level in the 800 and 1500 m distances and she has also represented NSW at National level in tough football where her team placed runner-up to Queensland.

Heady, inspiring stuff and she's only just turned 17!

Sally Fitzgibbons has since added another trophy to her bulging mantle, the prestigious 2005 Quiksilver Australian Grommet title and understandably she's got her more experienced female surfers checking nervously over their shoulders!

But if anyone is firing warning shots across anyone else's bow, they're not coming from Sally.

"I don't really get nervous and I don't ever worry about who I'm up against," she says. "I know most of the other girls, we're all friends. If you lose it's just part of the sport."

Life at home at Gerroa on NSW’s South Coast is a mixture of catching up with friends, surfing (of course) and all those other sporting activities. Touch footy and athletics were high on the list, plus a bit of soccer, skating and occasionally she picks up the guitar. But surfing is the number one focus these days as Sally Fitzgibbons prepares for the 2009 World Tour.

There are a few reefs on the northern side of town that don't get too crowded, except in school holidays, and a point and a long view south over Seven Mile Beach from the hill in the opposite direction.

Her favorite product is her new Roxy wetsuits. "It can get really cold around home, especially in winter. You need them!"

Sally at

TALENT: She's fast. The fastest ever qualifier for the ASP World Tour, one of the fastest distance runners Australia has ever seen. This athlete chose surfing.

LIFE: an adventure

SURF QUOTE " The Tour provides an extraordinary lifestyle. it gives me the opportunity to live my dreams at such a young age, explore the world and continually test myself while having the best time ever."

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