Coco Ho - The Princess

Name: Coco Ho

DOB: 04/28/1991

Birthplace: North Shore, Oahu

Currently living: Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Sponsors: Volcom, Nike 6.0, Warrior Wetsuits.


Coco has Hawaiian surf royalty running through her blood. She is the daughter of Mike Ho, the niece of Derrick Ho, and the sister of Mason Ho. She also has had success in surfing and is one of Hawaii's best young female surfers.

Coco has been topping the podiums recently at all the biggest women's surfing events. Coco is the youngest female competitor to enter the world tour, and is expected to work her way up to the top soon... like this year.


2009 Roxy Pro Gold Coast WCT - 3rd place

2009 Margaret River Pro WQS 5-star - 2nd place

2009 Estoril Billabong Girls Pro WQS 6-star - 2nd place

2008 US Open Junior Pro Champion

2008 US Open of Surfing WQS 6-star - 2nd place

2008 Sunset Junior Pro - 2nd place

2008 Rio International Brasil WQS 4-star - 3rd place

2007 VQS Championship - 1st place

2007 Triple Crown Rookie of the Year

TALENT: Niece of former ASP World Champion Derek Ho, daughter of Hawaiian charger Michael Ho, this is surfing' royal bloodline.

LIFE: Health and happiness

SURF QUOTE "When I think about my lifestyle and the tour I think about the unique traveling experiences with a close knit group of peers, friends, and heroes while pushing my progress and competing for points and prestige."

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