Surfing fun - Some other creative and funny ways to surf

Surfing fun! So, you go out ready to surf. Get to the water. Look at the break. Ankle slappers. What a waste of a 6am alarm clock call. You can’t surf. Or can you, hmmm. Why, yes, yes you can. Just some slight modification of equipment is necessary.

What, you say? Only a field mouse could catch waves that size.

Expand the definition a little and do a little internet surfing. Surfing fun introduces you to catch daring shark surfing Spiccoli style stunts. Tow style surfing with a great white for a jet ski. Chum the water, wait for a bite and off you go. Slack on the tow line could indicate some trouble though.

Or perhaps you are more of the dynamite surfing kind of girl. If you always make a bang wherever you go then take it to the next level. When nature doesn’t cooperate, a little TNT can turn even a Danish river into a surfable spot.

If you happen to have railroad tracks nearby you can do a quick little equipment change. Swap your board for 20 tons of steel thrusting along at 60 mph. Balance is key in train surfing. You don’t have to worry about some kook dropping in on you, but the wipeouts leave some evil raspberries.

But if you prefer to get your kicks the old fashioned way you can always head to a concert and get ready in the mosh pit for a little crowd surfing. Remember to wear soft shoes and secure your wallet and phone. Maybe you’ll get all the way to the stage and you’ll end up doing a duet with Jack Johnson.

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Wanna have some more surfing fun? What if you want a more sedentary position? If you’re not in the water maybe you want to plant yourself in a lawn chair. Cool. Then plant the lawn chair on a skateboard. Then do some land surfing down the nearest street with a good grade. Then return the lawn chair to your neighbor’s back yard before they notice it’s gone.

“No, you don’t get it, I really don’t want to work if I’m not in the water.” Ok, fiiiiiiiiiine. Whatever. Grab some microwave popcorn, the remote control, two diet cokes and get ready for an epic session of couch surfing. A 24 hour Simpsons marathon you say? Well hop me up on caffeine and recharge the remote batteries.

Add in a nice long session of internet surfing, message everyone on Facebook, download every YouTube video, send 147 tweets and by the time you’re finished there could be some good sets coming in.

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