Where to surf - The best places to surf as a beginner surf girl

Where to surf! Where is the best place for a beginner to venture out into the water and start learning? Since conditions change daily, it is less about the best place and more about the ideal type of conditions.

So what are you looking for?

Obviously head high waves, strong rip currents and a seriously territorial local crowd are things you are going to want to avoid. But what are the positives you need to be scoping out?

When looking where to surf first thing is crowding. Crowded surfing conditions are not to be paddled into as a beginner. Until you have 100% confidence in your board control you represent a danger to yourself and to others. Locals are generally wary of beginners to start with and add in the fact that you are female and they usually get even more wary. So look for spots where you won’t be competing for waves and where you won’t be knocking people in the head with your board when you wipe out.

The size of waves that you need to learn on should be waist high or smaller, so this helps with the crowding factor. Experienced surfers are almost always after the bigger waves, so the conditions that are best for you wave wise usually aren’t too crowded.

Paddling out also takes some getting used to, so the ideal conditions are: small waves, easy path for paddling out and medium crowding. Medium crowding is good for two things. You have others around you in case you have a question or need some help and you have people you can watch and learn from.

The more you observe, ask and learn, the faster you become an experienced, shredding surfer.

You can also go to Surfing conditions to learn more about different kind of surf breaks as well as important safety tips before paddling out in different conditions.

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