How to surf - All the essential info to get you in the water and surfing in no time

You’ve watched from the shore and been inspired to learn how to surf yourself.

How hard is it, really? No rose-colored glasses here. It is difficult, and requires dedication. But that is true of any sport. It is not beyond the physical capabilities of most people, even the most petite women. The key is having the heart and soul of a surfer and dedication.

There are 2 sections when you want to learn how to surf.

Section 1 is about all the preparation you can do on land such as:

How long does it take to learn to surf?

Goofy footer or natural?

Surfing exercises to get you fit

Essential equipment for surfing

Surfboard waxing

Section 2 will take you into the water and teach you the basics such as:

Paddling (exercises, trim and tips)

Dealing with whitewater

Dealing with wipeouts

How the line up works

Catching waves

Basic maneuvers once on the wave

There is a difference between wanting to try surfing; heading down to your local surf school or taking a trip to a surf camp and actually becoming a lifelong surfer. We are here for those that want to become lifelong surfers.

What you must have:

Dedication — there is a vast amount to learn and a lot of regular practice involved. “Stick-to-it-ness” is something you must have.

Time — the amount of practice involved, and varying surf conditions, means that you will probably need two years to become good.

Persistence — every time you fall down, you have to get back on the proverbial horse. Frustration WILL happen, it is inevitable. But every time you get back up you become that much better.

Courage — if you aren’t used to the ocean it can be scary. But as long as you are following the safety guidelines you’ll be fine. Not following the lead of testosterone overloaded kooks is the best safety guideline.

Patience — do not expect to excel at surfing in a few weeks. Prodigies happen, but for most people the progression requires patience. Take snowboarding and imagine the mountain constantly moving then you know the kind of patience you need.

Relaxation — you must trust your body’s instincts. Relax and let your body respond to the environment. Thinking too much will end up with you in the water and your board sadly wondering why. Your body will naturally balance itself if you let it go.

Anything of value is worth working for and dedicating yourself to. Surfing is no different. Once it permeates your soul it will nourish it for the rest of your life. It will become a source of so much more than fun. It will soothe away stress, it will clear your mind and help you focus. Millions of people have discovered and reveled in it, and soon you will too.

Get in the water today and start learning how to surf!

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