Silvana Lima - The Threat

Name: Silvana Lima Santiago Da Silva

Born: 10th October, 1984

Hometown: Rio De Janeiro

Sponsors: Billabong, Vonzipper, Kustom, Hedges surfboards

WCT Surfer, Brazilian Silvana Lima began her surfing career at the tender age of 12 on a piece of wood no bigger than a skateboard. One surfboard and a few lessons later, Silvana had found her niche and was determined to make a life of her new found passion. Since then she hasn’t stopped, moving quickly to pounce on any competition opportunities.

A sponsorship from Billabong Brazil in January 2005 easing the burden on Silvana and her family, giving her every hope of fulfilling her dream of becoming a World Champion. Silvana competed on the Brazil circuit for five years before she qualified for the WCT in 2006. In 2007 Silvana placed 3rd overall on the WCT and in 2008 she went one better to place 2nd overall.

She’s a quiet, yet mischievous character with an infectous personality and positive attitude towards life. Silvana is taking women's surfing to new levels with her exciting, progessive style of surfing and particularly with her aerial maneuvers.
Silvana at

TALENT: Two time runner-up to the ASP World Title. Her winnings go to supporting her city's surf team. Will good karma bring this world title threat the trophy?

LIFE: cheers.

SURF QUOTE "Competing with the best female surfers in the world is very special, it is like a dream come true. We have a good life on the Tour, we are like a big family of surfers! Competing is always funny, after our heats we have dinner together, we hang out together and we spend our time talking about the thing we love most; surfing, waves and competition. Then, when the sun rises and the next heat begins, we become competitors again! We all do what we love, we have this passion in common."

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