Surfing Exercise - Getting started with surfing fitness

Surfing exercise! If you have watched a few surf videos and tried to mimicking the motions of the surfers you soon come to realize that even if you are in good shape there are quite a few little muscles that need work. Different positions and movements require the use of what are termed auxiliary muscles. In layman’s terms these are the, “OMG I didn’t know I had those muscles, and I didn’t know they would hurt like that.”

But don’t worry, that feeling won’t last long. If you happen to have a background in gymnastics, dance or yoga you have an advantage over most others, both in terms of auxiliary muscle development and flexibility. If not, it shouldn’t take you more than a few weeks to develop it.

Practicing yoga is a great idea if you do not already do so. Not only are most positions helpful in learning to surf, but it also helps you develop flexibility and great breathing technique. If you do not, then make sure that you are including plenty of stretching when your muscles are warm.

Flexibility is invaluable in learning to surf as is the development of the smaller muscles that you don’t hit when you are simply doing squats and lunges. The more you develop both the muscles that aid your technique and the flexibility and breathing that will make you both relaxed and confident, the better you will surf.

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