Surfboard waxing - Why does a surfboard need wax?

surfboard waxing is important, at least if you want to stay upright.

But both the wax you use and the technique you use to apply it depend on personal preference and the environment you surf in.

The surf wax you choose and the method you use to wax your board are primarily based on personal preference. There are just a few actual rules or guidelines.

A wax comb is great item to have at hand. You can use it to rough up the wax on your surfboard to give your wax better grip. This reduces the number of times you need to re-wax. This saves you both time and money. It will also help you to strip the wax off your board when you need to apply a fresh coat.

Applying a fresh coat of wax about once a month is a good guideline if you are surfing regularly. The wax becomes dirty, absorbing both your body oils and your sunscreen which will cause your board to become slippery. A light coat of surf wax before each session will optimize your grip.

If you use deck grip do not wax over your deck grip or it will end up actually making it slippery.

Everyone has their ideal method for waxing and their ideal wax, the important thing is that the method you choose works for you. Working means that it prevents you from doing a slip and slide when you try to stand up. When waxing, experiment with different waxes and techniques until you find your ideal solution. Vary the application, linear movements or circular movements. Try thinner coats or thicker coats. When you get the right waxing combination it will click for you.

Helpful Hints:

Cold water or winter - use the softest surfboard wax.

Temperate water - use a middle hardness surfboard wax

Warm water - use a semi hard surfboard wax

Tropical water - use the hardest wax

You can also use a “base coat” style of wax on your surfboard. This is a very hard wax that creates solid lumps on your surfboard that thinner layers of softer wax applied over it can cling to.

Using the correct hardness of wax is extremely important. If you use a wax that is to soft for warm water conditions the wax will actually begin to slip off the board. The converse is true as well, wax that is too hard for cold water conditions creates a slick surface that will send you flying.

Remember the purpose of surf wax is to make sure you have an ideal amount of grip so that both you and those around you are surfing in the safest conditions.

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