Surfing equipment - The basic equipment required to get started

Surfing requires a basic amount of surfing equipment to get started.

Luckily, the equipment is all you need. There is no need to worry about reserving courts or fields or organizing teams. All you need is your board, surf wax, a surf leash and your bikini or wetsuit. You do need waves as well and to learn more about different kinds of waves and surf breaks Click here

To get the specifics in more expanded detail, and any additional equipment you may want to add please take a look at the Surf Gear section , but to get started you only need:

A Surfboard

Surf Wax

Surf Leash

Bikini or wetsuit

You do not need to buy all this at first and i recommend that you either go with friends or a surf school the first couple of times to make sure that surfing is something for you.

Surf schools have all the equipment you need and they will also be useful to get local information about where will be the best places to learn once you decide to get your own equipment and take surfing into your own hands.

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