What is a surf leash?

Basically a surf leash connects the surfer and the surfboard.

In the early days of surfing history there was no thing such as a surfboard leash and any surfer would have to be an excellent swimmer as each time they fell off a wave they would have to swim back to shore to get their board.

The first leashes was made out of surgical tubing but proved very dangerous as it would snap back with fierce consequences.

The modern surf leash was born with the introduction of urethane to produce the leashes.

Today most surfers are using a surfboard leash however there are certain arguments about when to use a leash and when not to.

Firstly all beginners certainly should use a leash as it is an important safety measure to avoid runaway surfboards hurting other surfers and beachgoers. Secondly the leash will ensure that the beginner has a life line if she get's tired from paddling or caught in a rip.

When you progress and become very confident in the surf it can be a good idea to try surfing without a leash on a small to medium day if it is not too crowded. Surfing without a leash will help you improve your surfing as your security is taken away and therefor you must concentrate more on take off and your maneuvers in order not to fall and loose your board.

This kind of challenge will certainly improve your confidence in the surf and if you happen to loose your board a few times, the swim to the beach and paddle back out will get you even more fit and when you put your leash back on you will feel so free that it will help your performance even more.

One thing to remember is that a leash can snap while you are surfing and you must never paddle out in conditions that you are not 100% confident that you can handle to swim back from should your leash snap.

How to attach a surf leash to a surfboard!

When choosing a leash you want a shorter and thinner leash for small to medium waves and a longer and thicker leash for bigger waves.

Some say that you should buy a leash which is at least one foot longer than the board you are riding but if in doubt just ask in the surf shop and they will surely sort you out.

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