Surf bikini - How to choose the right one!

A surf bikini must be more practical than the bikinis you laze on the beach or by the pool in. Soaking up the sun while sucking down pina coladas can be a bikini free for all, with cuteness and the perfect amount of exposure being the only considerations.

There are a few important differences in what you need in a bikini to surf in and what you need in a bikini that is purely for relaxing. The amount of water rushing past your surf bikini, and potentially pulling it off, is a huge consideration. The other big factors are sun exposure and wearing the bikini under a wetsuit or board shorts.

The top of your surf bikini should offer full coverage. Water will move your top around and you don’t want to be adjusting for fall out when you are on a wave. The best way to go is for a bra style top. Underwires can actually do a little of the poking thing when you are paddling so it is best to avoid them unless you are abundantly endowed. The straps should be fitted enough that they will not slide down your shoulders at all. The best way to avoid the slide is to wear a racer back style top.

Boob tube style tops that have two straps that attach above the breasts and cross in the back also work if you are a small C or under, otherwise stick with either a bra style or sport top. You may end up giving repeated free shows otherwise. You also want the fabric thick enough to avoid nipple rash. This is a whole new kind of pain and lets you know exactly how many nerve endings are there.

For bikini bottoms that you wear under board shorts or a wetsuit the skimpier the better. Anything with more fabric than a G-string or Brazilian cut and you will end up with incredibly uncomfortable rolls of fabric that you will not be able to stop tugging at. Even if you would never wear one on the beach, buy one to wear under your shorts and wetsuit. You will be infinitely more comfortable.

When you want to surf in a bikini bottom, rather than shorts, there are a few things to consider. First the time of day you are surfing. If you are regularly getting in a morning session before heading to work or class at 9am, then you can surf in whatever bottom stays up in the water because you won’t be getting burnt.

If you are surfing during the day you have to do the sunscreen versus coverage debate. A small surf bikini bottom means you must use sunscreen. Your butt will be exposed for hours. And while we all like a nice golden tan, the amount of time you will be exposing yourself means sunscreen or skin cancer. The problem with sunscreen is that when you sit up to watch for waves you will rub a nice little layer of sunscreen all over your board. This leads to a nice little slip and slide style surface on your board which will end the day for you.

The solution is boy short style bottoms. They give you coverage so you don’t have to worry about sunscreen getting on your board and ruining your day. They give you stay upability so you aren’t tugging on your suit all day. They prevent the pervs from sneaking peeks.

Metal anything on your suit is a no. Especially on the front. Be that underwires for all but the most amply endowed, rings for straps on a bikini top or decorative rings on a bikini bottom. The metal will press into your body when you are paddling. Underwires poking armpits, top rings poking sternums or bottom rings poking hip bones, none of these make for a good day in the water.

When searching for a bikini to surf in, narrow down all your choices to what are the most practical first, what will be the most comfortable and keep you covered. Then go for style. No matter what, always remember to wash out your bikinis after surfing, the salt water breaks down Lycra and you will extend the life of your bikinis immensely by a simple soapy swishing at the end of the day.

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