Fitness Surfing videos - Get fit and have more fun surfing

Fitness surfing! Here you have a whole bunch of great exercises to get fit and stay fit for surfing. All videos are courtesy of Expert Village.

Tips on Exercise & Nutrition for stronger surfing

Why is exercise and the right nutrition important? find out here!

How to Stretch for Surfing Workouts & Exercises

Remember to stretch before and after any surfing workout!

Core & Ab Workouts for Strong Surfers

One of the most important areas to be strong for surfing is the core. watch here how to keep your core strong!

Stronger arms - Triceps workout

You need the muscles for paddling and this exercise will guaranteed make your arms stronger and your surfing more fun!

Exercises from home for stronger surfing

This workout will help your paddling as well and is a great exercise for the flat days!

Squats & Lunge exercises for stronger surfing

you will need strong legs for surfing and a few easy exercises will make your day on the water much more enjoyable!

How to Practice Balance For Stronger Surfing

Balance is obviously important in surfing and here you can hear how to exercise and practice your balance when the ocean is flat!

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